FOXXRAY Brand Story

"FOXXRAY"---Professional Gaming Gear Story of FOXXRAY Modern technology strategist, battle thousands of miles, even for a moment fingertips, pros and cons of established contractors, the outcome had been decided, and so too the virtual game, how to provide game enthusiasts and gamers, all humanity, accurate, value for money range of games around the input, is "FOXXRAY" the origin of the brand was born. INTOPIC founded in 1993, years of effort invested in the development of computer peripherals, regardless of the design, manufacture and promotion of international brands, have the peace of competing competing efforts to provide consumers with the best of the products. Changes in the market When we see the professional level of gaming peripherals in the market competition in the increasingly high technology, consumers are increasingly no choice; us that professional gaming into the game around the development, to meet consumer demand expected to provide the quality and price . The establishment of the team So INTOPIC particularly the establishment of "exclusive gaming team" from a professional point of view, in-depth market research, through design, production, validation, constant self-challenge of an impossible task, after several years of preparation efforts, today we officially launched the "FOXXRAY"this new brand, you wait and see the face of this super-premium brand, so that he subvert the shock of your vision and your perception. Four types gaming gear of FOXXRAY Professional Gaming Mouse - FOX Hunt Professional Gaming Keyboard - FOX Fight Professional Gaming MousePad - FOX Swift Professional Gaming Audio - FOX Snow